April Updates

nullThings have been a wee bit slow in updating.  As some know, I work a full-time job and do these and a few other websites, so my time has been a little tied up the last month or so.  I ran into a few snags and plugins I didn’t like that I had to research how to fix and make it look like I wanted it to look.

Enter, the updated site over the past few days this week.

On the left hand side, you will see the forum feed which pulls any and all forum topics into the site so people can quickly view “new” topics.  I had originally wanted this to just be for the Homes forum, but i was unable to find an RSS feed for that – I will continue to look into that though and possibly change it in the future.

The screenshot section has been expanded and I will potentially be adding another line of images to that.

Below the screenshot section is a news feed.  On the left is a feed that comes directly from the Official Shroud of the Avatar site.  On the right are feeds that come from various community sites – I’m working to try to get prefixes to post on those so it’s still a work in progress till I get them tweaked just right.

The Blogroll will be changing over to Official Game Links and Fansite Game links in the coming days.

I would welcome anyone who would like to help with this project.  It’s not easy going at it alone and I would appreciate any assistance available.



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