About SOTAHomeDecor.com

Shroud of the Avatar Home Decor (SOTAHomeDecor.com) is a fansite dedicated to player housing and decoration of player housing in the online game Shroud of the Avatar produced by Richard Garriott and Portalarium.

SOTAHomeDecor.com is a part of the network of sites falling under MMOHomeDecor.com, run by Grace “Kayhynn” Snoke.  Having run UOHomeDecor for many years and still playing Ultima Online and hearing requests for sites for other games, she realized there was an interest and want for such sites and started creating them for new and old games alike.

About Grace “Kayhynn” Snoke

An avid gamer, and a semi-retired avid in-game decorator, Kayhynn originally wanted to preserve the old Castles & Courtyards decorating site when the domain expired.  After contacting the owner of the site and receiving permission to archive it on her site, she proceeded to host it on her domain of girlgamer.net while continuing to work on UOHomeDecor.com.  UOHomeDecor contains a majority of the tutorials and images from the original Castles & Courtyards site, as well as guides from other sites, guides she herself has written, as well as item databases, FAQs, and more.  The site is constantly growing and she is constantly complaining about needing a clone.

Kayhynn has worked for a number of fansites and game news sites in the past, including UOForums.com, UO, WoW and Central Stratics, Twin Galaxies, and EOGamer.com.  She is currently Director of Operations and resident reporter/writer for Video Game Scoreboard and Director of Player Talent and reporter for Obsolete Gamer.

Sadly, things for all these sites don’t get done quite as she would like because she does have a full time job contracted as a corporate journalist and web administrator for a Fortune 500 company and is also a mom to a teenage boy.

About Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar is a computer role playing game created by Lord British (aka Richard Garriott), creator of the genre defining Ultima series of computer games, Starr Long, director of Ultima Online, and Tracy Hickman, author of the Dragonlance series. It combines rich story, like those of the single player Ultimas, with deep and varied multiplayer experiences, like Ultima Online.

About Portalarium

Portalarium, Inc. was formed in September 2009 for the purpose of developing and publishing online games, virtual worlds and related services and products.  Target deployment includes PC hardware platforms (PC, Macintosh), mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android), and popular social networks (Facebook, etc.).